Tenacious Tape Roll FAQ

Tenacious Tape Roll by GEAR AID is an all-purpose repair tape that fixes rips, holes and tears on both fabric and non-fabric surfaces. The Tenacious Tape Roll is uniqu...

Which Tape Should I Use?

Tenacious Tape is an ultra-strong repair tape useful for making quick, peel-and-stick repairs to nearly any piece of outdoor gear. It comes in different colors and types. Read on to learn which type should you use.
Tips for Using Tenacious Tape Repair Tape

Tenacious Tape by GEAR AID is a repair tape that fixes rips, holes and tears in outdoor gear and fabrics. The clear PVC tape and colored nylon tapes utilize an ultra-aggressive adhesive that says put even after a wash.
Tenacious Tape Repair Patches FAQ

Tenacious Tape Hex Patches by GEAR AID are 2.5'' hexagonal repair patches that instantly fix rips, holes and tears in outdoor gear and fabrics. Each package of Black ...

Tenacious Tape Mini Repair Patches FAQ

Tenacious Tape Mini Repair Patches by GEAR AID are designed specifically for down jacket repair. The unique size fits in between down baffles putting an end to leaky feathers in down puffer jackets.
How Will You Use Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

You’ve probably heard all about our Tenacious Tape gear patches. The same great repair tape you know and love in fun shapes like Sasquatch and wildlife patches. Beside...