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“Impala,” whispered our tracker, pointing out ahead of us. As I looked where he pointed, I caught a glimpse of several Impala slowly making their way along the dry river bed we were overlooking. There was a nice Impala Ram in the group, so my wife and I decided to put a stalk on them.

We slowly and carefully made our way through the bushes lining the dry river bed, careful to stay hidden from the herd of Impala. After moving several hundred yards, we could move no further without being spotted by the Impala, who were contentedly feeding down in the bottom of the river bed. I picked out a nice ram from the herd and got set up on the shooting sticks, waiting for him to present a shot.

After what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, the Impala finally turned broadside and stopped moving. Figuring that it was now or never, I disengaged the safety, took aim on the Impala’s shoulder, and squeezed the trigger. The report of the rifle shattered the silence of the day and the big Impala leapt forward and staggered away, obviously seriously hit.

Since they did not know we were there, the other Impala milled about in confusion, trying to figure out what had happened. We carefully made our way towards them, walking slowly down the river bed, with my wife in the lead. After moving about 100 yards, another Impala ram appeared on a sandbar to our front, looking directly at us.

Without hesitation, we set up the shooting sticks for my wife and she quickly took aim at this Impala. After a few seconds, she squeezed the trigger and this second Impala also staggered off. Not only had my wife had just shot her first big game animal, but we had just taken two very nice Impala within two minutes of each other.

You can see our video of the hunt below. Unfortunately, we only got video of the shot on the first Impala but not the second.

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Originally Published: Mar 23, 2015

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