You’ve mastered your turkey call, you’ve got your shotgun dialed in perfectly, your decoys are wobbling in the wind, and you’ve scouted out the best spot for those big gobblers.  But where are the birds?

A turkey’s number one defense is its eyesight.  If you want to bag a bird this season, you’ll need to be as camouflaged as possible. This means your clothing, your exposed skin, and your shotgun should all blend in with your environment.  Being as incognito as possible is important when Spring Turkey hunting.

Choosing the right pattern:

You’ll want to start with a pattern that closely mimics your natural surroundings.  It is spring, so there should be a good mix of brown and green. We’ve found that Mossy Oak Obsession  is one of the best patterns for Spring Turkey Season because of its similarities to spring foliage.

The most important things to camouflage:

Your outer wear:

This means pants, jacket, gloves, and hats. Make sure you have the right gear for the weather. If you tear your Camo jacket or pants, be sure to use a gear patch in the same pattern. This way you'll still blend in with your surroundings.

Your Shotgun:

Any stray sunrays can reflect off your barrel and create a glare that can scare off any potential birds. Use a camo gun wrap for a more cost effective camouflaging method rather than dipping your shotgun.

Your self:

Use camouflage body paint on your face. You can also use it on your hands if you aren’t wearing gloves.   By using camo on your exposed skin, your face and hands are less likely to stick out against the natural background.

On a budget? You can use wet camp fire ashes for black.

Originally Published: Feb 25, 2014

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