Many of you know and love Tenacious Tape, what we call T. Tape. It's durable, aggressive, doesn't collect residue & it makes invisible repairs to nearly anything!

Ripped jacket? Fixed. Down leaking from your bag? Fixed. Tree branch tear through your tent? Fixed. Hot tub cover torn? Fixed! Dog barking too much? Fixed...just kidding.

Well we want to make it even better. To do that, we need some answers about how you're using it.

Do you use the whole strip or do you cut pieces?

What size repairs do you typically make?

What object are you repairing?

Do you store in the tube until it's gone?

What do you do with the tube once the tape is gone?

Anything else we should know about your experience?

Example answer: small circle pieces. 2"-5" tears. hot tub cover. yes. trash. I've used all colors but prefer the black because the fabric feel.

Originally Published: Feb 5, 2014

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