Reduce Fin Buoyancy

Ankl Weights™

A diver’s gear (wet suit, fins, B.C., tank, weights and regulator) can weigh anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds. The bulk of this weight is in the middle of your body – while over half of your buoyancy is below the waist. Reduce leg and fin buoyancy and alleviate back stress by wearing Durward Ankl Weights™.


Which Fins are Best?

Split Fins

Modeled after a whale’s tail, split fins funnel the water delivering more forward motion with considerably less effort than traditional blade-style fins. The twin blades act like counter-rotating propellers, reducing drag and turbulence, allowing for easier underwater maneuvering. Many divers also report that, after switching from blade to split-fins, they no longer experience calf muscle cramps.


Blade Fins

Classic blade fins are known to provide strong and powerful kicks in the water. Divers comment that blade fins are best when the need is for speed and/or lots of frog kicks. They are commonly used for cave and wreck diving. Blade fins are slightly negative in buoyancy which counteracts a thick and highly buoyant exposure suit.

 Originally Published: May 30, 2012