Boating Tip

Battle Sea Sickness

Triptone®, an over-the-counter dimenhydrinate formula, and Wave Bands™ acupressure wrist bands are two safe and easy ways to prevent and alleviate motion sickness.

• Eat lightly and avoid alcohol while traveling or boating. 
• If nausea or dizziness set-in while aboard a boat or plane, move to the center where it is usually more stable. 
• Put your eyes and inner ear in sync: move to the top deck of a boat or ship and look out at the horizon.


Diving is dehydrating – especially in tropical heat. Dehydration contributes to decompression sickness, fatigue and cardiovascular stress. To make up for water lost while diving, drink a gallon of water each day. 
An Aquamira® Water Bottle & Filter is essential in locales where the water tastes bad or clean drinking water is not readily available. To use, simply fill the bottle with water, insert the filter and squeeze to drink.

Originally Published: May 30, 2011