Getting ready for five days in elk country, there is a lot of gear that can go in the truck. Throw in a roll of Camo Form. The soft, self-cling, reusable heavy-duty gun wrap conceals and quiets equipment that clanks and rattles. It insulates hands from cold surfaces and protects equipment from field scratches. One roll can be used to protect and enhance several pieces of equipment.

On an elk hunt, I like it for armoring my binoculars. I also wrap my spotting scope with it and, although I have a Cerakote finish on my Leupold scope, I may even wrap the objective bell. My favorite pattern is the Kryptek, but if the weather forecast calls for snow, I'll wrap it with snow camo Camo Form. Sure it camouflages my gear, but it also protects it.

Often I bring shooting sticks, especially when traveling with a newer hunter. The sticks are prone to clanking on the stalk or when moving from stand to stand. A few turns of Camo Form on the legs of the sticks go a long way toward keeping us quiet as we set up for a shot. 

Gary Lewis is an outdoor writer, speaker and television host from Bend, Oregon. Contact Lewis at

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Originally Published: Nov 16, 2014

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