We've been filming product videos like crazy. I say crazy because every time it's not raining we're jetting outside to shoot beautiful northwest scenery vs. workshop set (which happens to be complete with super cute mini-tent & mini-waders...you'll see...). Just recently, we notice leaves. LEAVES! Well...sprouts. The first sign of Spring. Excitement immediately ensued and we postponed our trail videos for a couple weeks.

We were so elated, we forgot about allegies. Spring = Allergies = Misery (bummer)

To anyone that's had to fear pollen, avoid hikes, or had a runny nose, runny eyes & stuffed head all at once - you're in the right place. We don't have to be scared of pollen. We CAN hit the trail. Go outside. Do what we love. Here's seven tips to help find allergy relief and forget about those pesky symptoms:

1) Allergy medication - generally small and foil wrapped with an expiration date

2) Neti Pot - pretty gross, we know...

3) Plan Ski Vacation - everything is still frozen...

4) Protect your bedroom - close windows, shower before bed & wash sheets often. Keep those pollens OUT.

5) Know what you're allergic to - it could be the flowers on your porch, not the cherry blooms on that nice trail that you've been avoiding for years.

6) Eat oranges & drink lemonade, but not the surgery kind - citrus is delicious and gives your body vitamins it needs to fight back (as long as you're not allergic to citrus).

7) Make a splash - swim some laps, shred some waves or go diving instead. Land avoidance might be the best medicine.

Now go. Go adventure.

PS - We'd love to hear what works for you this time of year...

Originally Published: Mar 27, 2012