Our daughter, Mikayla, is driving a Mustang convertible now, and contrary to popular belief, it does rain a bit in Bend, Oregon. We discovered a little leak on a seam. Actually, the water was pouring in. I contemplated.

If it was a leak in my waders, I would use an Aquaseal® Wader Repair Kit. Because the Tenacious Tape™ included in the package is the same hue as the soft top, I decided to fix this one the best way I knew how - with Aquaseal and Tenacious Tape, the products at the heart of McNett's new convertible top repair kit.

McNett calls it the Jeep Soft Top Repair Kit. It comes with nylon thread, heavy duty sewing needles, Aquaseal adhesive and seam sealer, Tenacious Tape repair patches, a thimble, seam ripper, gloves and brushes.

In our case, with the glass on one side of the tear and fabric on the other, we would not be able to sew it. First I cleaned the top then began the repair process by painting on a thin layer of Aquaseal on each side of the tear. Then I cut two long rectangles of Tenacious Tape and stuck one on the outside and stuck one on the inside.

To allow the repair to fully set, Mikayla had to keep the top up for the next eight hours, but the next day she was out on the road with the wind in her hair again. The patch keeps the rain out, and the matte black tape matches the matte black top. We might have to replace the convertible top someday, but that's not happening anytime soon. Not with this convertible soft top repair kit on standby. 

Gary Lewis can be reached at www.garylewisoutdoors.com

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 Originally Published: May 5, 2015

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