We think the zipper is a genius invention by mankind. Imagine putting on your down jacket like a sweatshirt. Or buttoning up your tent door like your red tag jeans. Getting into a wetsuit...forget about it! As you can tell, we're a fan.

As clutch as this invention is, we do still experience failure. Millions of people are asking 'how do I fix a zipper'. It snags on fabric. Gets stuck on dirt and sand. Sometimes the zipper pull even wears down and cracks. This can all be avoided with a little bit of zipper love.

Meet Zip Care™, our zipper cleaner and lubricant in one.

It'll brush away dirt, lubricate zipper teeth, protect plastic zippers from harmful UV rays, it'll even keep that zipper pull strong.

Check it out, it's not too good to be true.

Originally Published: Jul 17, 2012

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