We all know, love, and trust Aquaseal® by M Essentials™. When it comes to wetsuit repairs or fixing watersports gear, Aquaseal is the only adhesive that offers permanency, waterproofing, and abrasion resistance. 

But after 5, 10, 15 or even 30 years, you may notice that your Aquaseal is starting to fade or yellow. While the adhesive is still holding strong, the repair doesn't look as pretty as it once did because of repeated UV exposure. Now you can make matching repairs to wetsuits and drysuits and prevent fading or yellowing with the Aquaseal & Black Color Sync™ Colorant Kit.

To add black to your Aquaseal repairs, we recommend the following:

1) Grab an Aquaseal® & Black Color Sync™ Colorant Kit by M Essentials.

2) Clean the repair area with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. 

3) Shake and squeeze the included Color Sync tube well.

4) Combine 8-10 drops of Color Sync per 1/4 oz. of Aquaseal in the included mixing tray. Mix well with stick or brush.

5) Apply black Aquaseal with included brush to repair surface.

6) Allow 8-12 hours to cure.

The wait is over! Show us what you're repairing with Aquaseal black...

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Originally Published: Jun 29, 2014

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