Picture it. You're relaxing on your favorite floatie, taking a lazy river ride or just kicking back soaking up some rays on the water. Then you hear it... Pssssssssst. You hope it's just a slow leak, but 30 minutes later you're hanging on for dear life to a limp floatie. Now what? You could just pack it up and call it a day, or you can make an instant repair with the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit.

The next time you spring a leak in your favorite floatie, follow these tips for making instant repairs to inflatables.

1) Get out of the water and deflate the inflatable. Locate the leak.

2) If you are able to clean the area you want to repair, that will help. Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is ideal. If you don't have anything to clean the surface, try abrading it with something rough like sandpaper. 

3) Once you've done your best to prep the surface, and the inflatable is deflated and ready to go, apply a layer of Aquaseal FD over the rip, hole or tear. Aquaseal takes 8-12 hours to cure. If you can wait 8-12 hours, great. If not, move on to step 4.

4) Since you don't have time for the Aquaseal FD to cure, and you want to get back on the water now, take one of those repair patches (which ever you like best: clear or black) and apply it over the curing Aquaseal FD. IMPORTANT: Make sure the edges of the patch adhere directly to the inflatable fabric as opposed to the curing Aquaseal FD. If the edges of the patch are sitting on top of wet adhesive, the patch won't stick. Make sure the edges of the patch adhere well to dry portions of the inflatable.

5) Get back on the water!

The next time you're out getting your float on, pack some trip insurance with the  Aquaseal FD Repair Kit. 

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