Step 1:

Cut the end of the thread at a 45 degree angle. Stiffen the thread with saliva or bees wax. It will be easier to control through the eye than a limp thread. Hold up the needle so the eye of the needle is open toward you. If you are unable to see the eye of the needle, place a contrasting color behind the needle.


Step 2:

Slip the thread into the needle and pull the thread until ends are even. Knot the ends of the thread together (see Knotting The Thread). Straighten the threads and begin sewing. Pull the thread after each stitch to prevent the thread knots.


Knotting the Thread




Step 1:

After threading the needle, wrap the ends of thread around the pointer finger. Make an “X” whith the tread.


Step 2:

Place your thumb over the “X”. Roll the thread back and forth a couple of times between you pointer finger and thumb.


Step 3:

Slide the knot off your finger with your thumb, rolling the threads together towards the end of your pointer finger while pinching the thread.


Step 4:

Slide the knot to the end of the thread using the end of your pointer finger and thumb.

 Originally Published: Apr 2, 2011