A shemagh (pronounced schmog) is a head wrap commonly used in the military because it provides protection from  sun and sand in extreme desert environments. It can also be used in cold environments, as additional camouflage, or to protect your skin from harsh wind or hail. In some circumstances, our microfiber towel makes a better shemagh than your typical wrap because the material is thicker and provides better protection and insulation. There are many ways to tie a shemag, the basic principle is to wrap it around your head and neck with a window for your eyes, then secure it with a knot. Here are the steps:

1. Fold towel into a triangle by bringing opposite ends together; slide snap loop through grommet to secure. If you have an XL towel, you can first fold in half so you start with a square vs. rectangle, then fold into a triangle. 

2. Drape over your head with one short end, triangle back.

3. Bring the short end under your chin to ear level.

4. Bring the long end around the front of your face.

5.  Wrap all the way around your head until it meets up with the short end.

6.  Pull the material as tight as you are comfortable with and tie the two ends into a knot.

7.  Eye slit can be adjusted.

8.  Face can be exposed.

Originally Published: May 8, 2014

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