A stiletto knife is an important tool to keep in your rucksack, survival kit, or just your regular old backpack. It can be used to cut and slice your lunch, cut paracord to length and you can even build a spear with it for a survival situation.

To begin building your spear you will need the following tools:

A full-tang stiletto knife (like our McNett® Tactical Samish™ Knife)

A tree branch or stick (it should be strong, straight, at least 3 feet long and around 2.5 inches in diameter)


Camo Form®


First you’ll need to select the stick you are going to use.  It should be strong and not break when you bend it. Keep in mind you will be throwing this stick; after all, you’re using it to build a spear.  The best stick will be around 3-4 feet in length, relatively straight, and between 1.5-2.5 inches in diameter.  Once you’ve decided on a stick, you’re halfway there!

If your knife has a handle on it, you’ll want to remove it.  Just pop the four grommets out on your Samish Knife and the blade should slide right out. 

Next, use your knife to split the tip of your stick in two. This notch is where the knife will sit and eventually become the spear head. It should be as long at the handle of your knife. In our case, this is about 3 inches.

To secure your knife, thread the paracord through the bottom hole in the knife handle. Tie it off so that you have a long tail on one end. Then slide your knife into the notch on the stick.  Make sure that the paracord has a loose end that you can wrap around the stick and a tail end..

Starting at the bottom, wrap the paracord around the tip of the stick where you inserted the knife. Make sure you wrap tightly to ensure that the knife is secure. Once you’ve wrapped  the paracord all the way around, tie it off. Be sure that there is still some length of paracord left, because you are going to need it.

Using your Camo Form, wrap over the top of the paracord and make sure it is fully covered.

Once you've covered your first layer of paracord with Camo Form, wrap the remaining portion of paracord over the top of the Camo Form and tie it off. At this point, your homemade stiletto knife spear is complete.

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Originally Published: Nov 4, 2014

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