Iron Mend™ Repairs

Iron Mend™ Iron-On Fabric Repair Patch provides strong, flexible, long lasting repairs for neoprene. Use Iron Mend to reinforce and repair high stress areas on your suit, including knees, elbows, under arm and around the zipper.

Step 1:

Wash with Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo and dry neoprene article.

Step 2:

Pre-heat iron to acrylic, low or delicate setting. For irregular surfaces, including sleeves and legs, insert a piece of wood to create a firm, flat ironing surface.


Step 3:

Cut Iron Mend to overlap damaged area by 3/4”. Always round the corners of your patch as patches with curved edges are less likely to peel back later. Place Iron Mend over damaged area with the urethane coated side down and cover with full sheet of heat shielding paper.


Step 4:

With preheated iron, press Iron Mend down with firm, even pressure for 10 seconds. Lift and rotate iron; apply for another 10 seconds.


Step 5:

Allow repair to cool for a few minutes before testing adhesion. Apply more heat if needed.

 Originally Published: Apr 3, 2011


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