Introducing gear tattoos from Gear Aid! For the first time ever, you can customize clothing, gear, cell phones, automobiles and luggage with your favorite shapes and images.

Unlike stickers, Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos™ stay put in all weather conditions and environments. The ultra-aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and our “clean-adhesive” technology allows you to remove these custom patches without leaving behind a sticky, messy residue.

Tenacious Tape Tattoos are great for adding some fun to your favorite items or for making repairs to rips, tears or holes in gear and clothing.

It’s your choice, slap an uninteresting circular patch on your gear or cover that repair with an eagle swooping down on a Grizzley Bear's head! The possibilities are endless. Once you get one tattoo, you’ll be running back for more!

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Originally Published: Jan 8, 2015

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