Durable Wetsuit Repairs

Urethane-based adhesives are the best for achieving maximum strength and durability.  When your goal is a permanent bond, choose   Aquaseal® Repair Adhesive & Sealant – it’s the industry standard for high strength, absolutely permanent repairs to all kinds of dive gear including wet suits, dry suits, gloves, boots, gear bags and more.  Aquaseal cures to full strength overnight or in 2 hours with Cotol-240™ Cure Accelerator & Pre-Cleaner.


Repair Wetsuit Holes & Tears

Aquaseal is also ideal for repairing holes and tears. For holes larger than a pinhole, create a backing with removable tape. Fill hole and 1⁄4” beyond. Remove tape after Aquaseal has fully cured.

 Originally Published: Apr 3, 2011