Memorial weekend, and any other weekend for that matter, is a great weekend for outdoorsy activities. Camping, fishing, cycling, boating...we won't bore you with our 152 other reasons to go outside. Everyone has a must-have for their excursion. Be it a lighter, powerbait, Yeti cooler, or a few refreshing bevies; here's a few of our must-haves:

1. SUNSHINE - the one thing that makes everybody happy, especially the people that live in the northwest.

2. Firestarters - few things in life are more irritating than being hungry while trying again, and again to start a fire.

3. Ice Cream - be it on a cone, in a sandwich or submerged in root beer, this one makes any activity delicious.

4. Cordage - make a whistle buckle bracelet, tie up shelter, tie down luggage, carry stuff easier, the reasons to bring cordage are really up to your imagination.

5. Rods & reels - you know why!

6. Jiffy Pop - because once you learn how to pop it, NOTHING will taste better!

So get those must-haves on your list and celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of adventure!

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ralph and jenny
Phillip Pessar
mr. smashy
Jessie Pearl

Originally Published: May 22, 2014