Hugo is almost wrapping up the India adventure. Outgo Smart Suds and the Microfiber Towel have proven to be necessary companions on this leg of his journey. Read why in Hugo's latest update:

Nothing can really prepare you for an adventure to India. I have visited several large and small cities and villages and what I have experienced is beyond belief. After a long day of exploring, I take a nice cold shower (finding hot water is quite the luxury). My Outgo microfiber towel has been such an essential as it packs small and drys lighting fast. One of the things that any traveler to India will face is extreme dirtiness. I am so lucky to have my Smart Suds All Purpose Cleaner by Outgo. Each night I must wash my sweaty and dirty clothing and Smart Suds has proven to be the perfect solution. I won't even begin to describe what I've had to clean from the bottom of my shoes...

Originally Published: Mar 26, 2012