Our friend Gary Lewis from Gary Lewis Outdoors (www.garylewisoutdoors.com) has a great tip for anyone hunting hogs or wild boar. Just add a little Camo Form (https://www.mcnett.com/tactical/camoform#19550) to the rail on your hunting blind and you can lean the gun on the rail without scratching it.

Note Gary's usage. He was able to lean the gun on the rail for three hours until the hogs showed up. It also cushioned his hand beneath the gun.

"We got five hogs that evening," Gary Said. "I shot two and my daughter got one and the other guys got two."

Not only will Camo Form camouflage guns and gear, but it will also protect you from field scratches and provide some additional cushion. Thanks for the tip Gary!

Originally Published: Jul 29, 2015

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Camo Form Reusable Fabric Wrap

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