Commercial Grade Whitewater Rafts

Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive can often create an emergency patch on pinhole air leaks in whitewater rafts. To apply, deflate the raft and buff the area lightly with sandpaper. Then wipe the area clean with solvent (such as acetone or toluene) and allow to dry before applying the Aquaseal. Allow the Aquaseal to dry level overnight (or use McNett Cotol 240 to accelerate cure time to 2 hours) before re-inflating the raft. For more permanent or elaborate repairs (and all seam repairs) consult your raft manufacturer.


Inflatable Kayaks

There are two types, those with interior air bladders that are separate from the external fabric ‘skin’ and those where the ‘skin’ and bladder are a single welded unit. For those with separate bladders use the McNett Inflatable Patch Kit to patch the bladder alone. For those without a separate bladder use Aquaseal on the exterior. Simply clean the area with soap and water, rinse well, air dry, then apply Aquaseal to the damaged area. Note - Always patch deflated boats.


Recreational Rafts and Pool Floats

Inexpensive rafts and pool floats made of PVC can be difficult (and are sometimes impossible) to patch permanently. Aquaseal can often create a temporary patch. To apply buff damaged area VERY LIGHTLY with sandpaper then wipe clean with solvent (such isopropyl alcohol or stronger solvent) and allow to dry. Apply Aquaseal to pinhole and 1/2 inch (2 cm) beyond in all directions. Allow Aquaseal to dry level overnight then apply a McNett I-Patch (from the McNett Inflatable Repair Kit) before re-inflating the raft. For more permanent repairs (and all seam repairs) consult the raft manufacturer.

 Originally Published: Apr 3, 2011

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