Sitting around waiting for the glue to dry before you head back out on the water? The wait is finally over! Repair inflatables instantly with the new Aquaseal® All-Purpose Patch Kit by M Essentials™. Ideal for use on pool floaties, intertubes, neoprene and more, this instant repair kit allows you to make permanent repairs with Aquaseal without having to wait for the glue to dry.

Included in the Aquaseal All-Purpose Patch Kit is a ¼ oz. tube of Aquaseal urethane repair adhesive, a 3’’ clear Tenacious Tape™ patch, a 3’’ black nylon fabric Tenacious Tape patch, an application brush and waterproof instructions. The repair kit works on most materials and fabric types including neoprene, rubber, synthetic fabrics, vinyl, PVC, GORE-TEX®, Hypalon® and plastic. 

Nothing spoils a good time on the water quicker than a hole in an inflatable, wetsuit or floatie. So grab yourself an Aquaseal All-Purpose Patch Kit and keep on floating!

Aquaseal outlasts the rest with bomb-proof repairs. We'd love to see what inflatables you've repaired with Aquaseal...

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Originally Published: Jun 18, 2014

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Aquaseal Repair Kit

Aquaseal Repair Kit

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Aquaseal Repair Adhesive