Step 1:

Make sure the inside and outside surfaces are clean. Trim loose threads. Pull the torn sections together and apply a piece of Tenacious Tape to the outside of the jacket to hold the torn sections together. The patches in the Field Repair Kit are ideal for this purpose. Check to see that you like the way the torn sections are aligned, once the adhesive sets this will be permanent. For pinholes, simply apply the Tenacious Patch to cover the hole.


Step 2:

Turn the garment inside out. You’ll apply Seam Grip to the inside surface for best finished aesthetics.


Step 3:

Inside the Jacket: Apply Seam Grip to the torn area and ¼ inch beyond onto undamaged fabric (5mm). Allow to dry level overnight. Remove the Tenacious Tape patch once the Seam Grip is dry (cured). Repair is generally permanent and will withstand washing and waterproofing treatments.


Speed Tip

add a few drops of Cotol 240™ to the Seam Grip before applying to the fabric. This will speed cure time to 2 hours (normally this is 4-8 hours).

Sleeve Tip

for ease of donning jackets, you can put a small piece of Tenacious Fabric Tape over the dried (cured) Seam Grip. Any color will work (as it’s inside the jacket), but fabric tape is preferred (over clear) for this application.

Originally Published: Apr 2, 2011

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