Step 1:

If you have a tent, tarp or pack made from silicone coated fabric, seal with SilNet™. SilNet is the only seam sealer that will bond to silicone treated fabric.


Step 2:

Sil-Fix™ Adhesive is ideal for repairing pinhole leaks in silicone-treated nylon tents, backpacks and outerwear. Apply a small dab to the hole and 1⁄4” (5mm) beyond. Dry level for 2 hours before using or storing.


Step 3:

To repair larger holes and tears, create a backing with the included “peel and stick” patch (Fig. 1).


Step 4:

Turn fabric over and prep surface. Trim sil-nylon fabric swatch to size to cover 1⁄4“ (5mm) beyond damaged area (Fig. 2).


Step 5:

Apply Sil-Fix over damaged area and 1⁄2“ (10mm) beyond on all sides. (Fig. 3 & 4).


Step 6:

Center and apply the trimmed sil-nylon patch (Fig. 5). Allow to dry flat for 2 hours. Remove the “peel and stick” patch (Fig. 1) when repair has dried.




Step 7:

Repair guy-out points by working Sil Fix into webbing with brush. (Step 1). Attach webbing to tarp. Press to bond all areas. Apply coat of Sil-Fix over strap and out onto tarp 1⁄4” (5mm) (Step 2).

 Originally Published: Apr 3, 2011 

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