Holes in luggage, tears in jeans, rips in ground blind fabric, leaks in waders, a hole in a convertible soft top. I've fixed them all with Tenacious Tape™. It was never a style thing. It was a fix-it thing. Fix it now, fix it fast, fix it permanent. Now it's about style.

Last month I got a new iPhone. First thing to do, before I even loaded the first app was to put an impact-proof protective case on the phone. And then, because I was looking forward to a bear hunt, I applied a couple of bear tracks to the case, to personalize it and remind myself of those days in the forest, looking for Mr. Big.

My wife wanted a tattoo too, (cue music, Tom Petty - "The sky was the limit."). She chose a whitetail buck. Every time she takes a selfie, she has a big buck looking back at her.

A friend of mine came over with his guitar and there was a hole in the case. We fixed it with Tenacious Tape Reflective Tape, a large patch over the tear, and then decorated the fix with nighttime images, to elevate the mood when next that guitar comes out of its case.

On our bear hunt, we all had new rain gear. Ten-year-old Finney, after we sprayed down his jacket with Durable Waterproofing, wanted a black bear Tenacious Tape gear patches on his jacket. Not because there was a hole in the jacket, there wasn't. He wanted it for luck. It was good luck. He bagged his bear.

Tenacious Tape Tattoos - we love them at our house. They come in Wildlife and Happy Camper varieties and we're always scouting for something to fix. 

Gary Lewis can be reached at www.garylewisoutdoors.com.

Originally Published: Jun 16, 2015

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