Instinct is a powerful driver of behavior in every species. A whitetail deer’s instinct, along with keen eyesight, a sharp sense of smell and acute hearing, keeps it safe from predators in the forest. Yet once a year, during the rut, whitetail bucks let their well-honed guard down—because the instinct to mate overpowers their usual cautiousness.

At peak rut, deer move around more during the day, and sometimes seem to throw caution to the wind. In November, as deer hunters’ excitement builds, so do their chances of bagging a buck.

Peak Rut Hits Soon

Because the deer rut is tied to the number of hours of sunlight in a day, its timing varies according to geographical location. As the days grow shorter, the rut is triggered. This generally occurs in early November. Check the date for your area here.

The first phase is the pre-rut, when bucks are on the chase throughout their territory, leaving perimeter scrapes and other physical indicators, and looking for does. During peak rut, does are in estrus and ready to breed—and bucks have just one thing on their minds. A buck will travel around its territory throughout the day, looking for a doe to mate with—and these mid-day sightings are what whitetail hunters are waiting for.

Be Invisible

Whitetail bucks may be less cautious during the rut, but that doesn’t mean hunters can be less careful. You’ll still need to be as quiet, scent-free and invisible as possible. And for experienced hunters, invisibility means wrapping weapons and gear with Camo Form®. Simply wrap your gun, binoculars, scope—anything you carry into the woods—with Camo Form and you’ll not only be much less visible, but you’ll protect your expensive equipment from nicks, scrapes and bumps. In addition, studies have confirmed that deer see much better in the UV spectrum, so remain invisible by cleaning clothing with a detergent that is free of fragrances and optical brighteners, like ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner.

Gear Wrapped with Camo Form

Get Out and Go Hunting

The whitetail rut doesn’t last long and you never know what November hunting conditions will be like. If you’re anxious to bag a buck, get ready to wrap your gun with Camo Form, clean your gear with ReviveX and head into the woods! Good luck, and share photos of your trophies on our Facebook page.

Originally Published: Nov 5, 2012