Everything that happens centers around the camp. It could be a tented affair or a five-star lodge, but each night the ritual is the same – a fire after dinner, looking up at the stars, sipping a sundowner. On our safari in the Limpopo region of South Africa, we stayed in a lodge atop a kopje with a view that allowed us a look at the border of Zimbabwe on the horizon and, more interestingly, the floor of the veldt below. Each afternoon we watched giraffe and ostrich and counted impala coming to the waterhole.

Our every requirement is anticipated, but I find it helps to anticipate a few needs the staff doesn’t think of. Like chocolate. I want it in my coffee, I want it in my lunch, and I want it after dinner. So I bring it. It’s also a good idea to bring some snack bars for the long drives back to camp way after dinner time. You know dinner is waiting, but it is two hours away.

I also bring a camp towel. It’s hard to say how good the laundry system is going to be at a bush camp. Bringing my own camp towel guarantees that I have a clean one, just in case. My travel cloth is the Outgo towel in desert tan. It folds away in a small zipper pouch and it goes on every trip, not just on safari.

We had good tap water and bottled waters to take with us. But you shouldn’t trust the water in most places. On this trip, I brought along a Frontier water filter from Aquamira. This thing goes wherever I go, whether it’s to Las Vegas or to the African bush. And I know I’m filtering out the nasties while getting better tasting water to boot.

Gary Lewis is an outdoor writer, speaker and television host from Bend, Oregon. Contact Lewis at www.garylewisoutdoors.com, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Originally Published: Aug 14, 2014

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