Every April, our country joins together and celebrates the Month of the Military Child.  Month of the Military Child honors military families who are faced with the challenges that come with being a member of the armed forces and full-time parents. With Earth Day coming up, here are some ways to get children outside and appreciate the beauty and therapy the outdoors has to offer.

Turn off the TV – Television can be educational, but it can also keep your kids from experiencing the great outdoors. Limit time in front of a screen until after dark. Make them turn off their electronic devices while playing outside. You could even spend time hanging out on the front porch or laying out under the stars, It will help you build relationships and bring out the best in your kid.

Go camping –Camping as a family will be some of the best memories you will have with your kids. Also, spending time as a family outside is a great way to reconnect after a deployment.

Spend more time outside- Getting children outside is a great way they can reduce stress and improve physical fitness.

Join organizations to help you get there – There are a host of several organizations specifically designed to help Month of the Military kids get outside and connected with the outdoors. 

The Sierra Club hosts several outdoor group events all over the country. Find one in your area today and sign up online.

•           http://content.sierraclub.org/earthday/


Children & Nature Network envisions a world in which all children learn, play, and grow in their everyday lives. Their organization is committed to getting kids outside and supports outdoor learning organizations.

•             http://www.childrenandnature.org


The National Park website contains several resources for finding national parks and hikes to enjoy with your family.


•             http://www.nps.gov/index.htm


Whether your family partakes on a day trip or a long weekend getaway, outdoor activities are a great way to un-plug and connect. Your military family will relieve stress and get healthy while exploring everything our country has to offer.

This April, celebrate the Month of the Military Child. Show your support by helping kids get outside and experience everything their parents fight for!