McNett® Corporation has some very exciting news and Nancy and I would like to share it with you personally.

As of October 1st Coghlan’s Ltd. of Winnipeg, Canada has purchased 100% of the interest in McNett Corporation. And, accordingly, we will be transitioning to a new phase of our lives.

As this business has been our life and the legacy we leave is extremely important to us, it was important we sought out a partner that would carry on that legacy in a way that aligned with our interests and values. We know the Coghlan’s family and team is the perfect transition partner for us and that the combined efforts of both companies will create a very bright future.

Please expect business as usual in the near term as both companies look ahead at synergies and strengths. We are confident this new venture will create many new opportunities and that the combined entity will be an even stronger partner for you.

We want to thank you for your past and current efforts in making McNett such a successful enterprise. We appreciate all the strong partnerships that have been forged together over the last 30 years. You have played an invaluable role for us.

Travis Huisman, CEO and Liz Mathias, COO will continue to lead the team at our Bellingham, WA factory. They are available to answer any questions you might have. Any ongoing relationships you have at McNett will not change and we invite you to carry-on as normal.

In closing, Nancy and I started McNett in 1980. Working with our McNett management team and staff in Bellingham as well as all of you has been an extremely rewarding experience. As we withdraw from McNett, we expect our pace of life will be slower, but will give us time to focus on some special humanitarian projects close to our hearts. And, of course, more time with our family.

We wish you all the brightest future.


Duane V. McNett

Nancy B. McNett