The Army is improving its physical fitness uniform, and improving the design process, too—by incorporating soldiers’ input.

Substantial PT uniform design changes began earlier this year, after 76,000 survey respondents weighed in on fit, fabrics and design features. They suggested improvements like removing liners and elastic ankle bands from the pants, and adding roomier pockets for keys and IDs.

Outgo’s Personal Care Accessories Go With the New PT Uniform

The re-designed uniforms will provide soldiers with high-tech fabrics that perform better than ever. With these new uniforms soldiers will also expect the very best fitness accessories available, like the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by Outgo®. Similar to the re-designed PT uniforms and unlike traditional standard issue towels, the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by Outgo incorporates the latest fabric technologies to reduce weight and size, while drying much quicker than standard towels. It absorbs five times its weight in water, and dries fast to keep you comfortable in the field or at the gym.

From the look of things, the Army’s new PT uniforms will incorporate some of the same technologies that have made the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by Outgo such a huge success and will soon rival the latest fitness gear available on the civilian market.

New PT Uniform Incorporates In-Demand, High-Tech Fabrics

Soldiers are well informed about what’s available in fitness wear. And they know what they want. By using high-performance fabrics, the new PT uniform will deliver soldier-requested features, such as:

  • Reduced weight
  • Tagless labels
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Fast-dry properties
  • Better overall fit

All soldiers are invited to participate in an online survey to express what they prefer to see in the final product. Voting takes place through October 29. To weigh in, go to, and log in with your CAC. Or, take the survey without logging in with your CAC at The buzz around the new uniform has already resulted in in over 160,000 votes!