Last week the White House hosted another Science Fair where inspired, hard-working students came to show off their creations to any and all attendees, including President Obama. Now stop for one second and think about that experience; can you even imagine? Presenting YOUR idea to the President of the United States? Forget shaking hands; hello new bucket list entry – Present an idea to the President of the United States!

On that note, one of the great ideas there was a fun alternative to pump filtered water, filtration using a bicycle. The idea itself is very utilitarian, there are other bike powered ideas out there - Make Your Own Fruit Smoothie’ stands at Farmer’s Markets and green gyms powered from Spin Class - but this idea addresses a MAJOR problem around the world, clean drinking water. Since we sell water filters, we obviously LIKE the idea. The science behind it is very simple: humans are a source of energy, energy is power. Check out the video to hear the pitch to President Obama and watch him demo the filtration process (ride a bike!).

A big thank you to teachers everywhere for challenging and inspiring the next generation to think differently!