Father's day is a day dedicated to the Dads in our lives.

For the Dads who held our hands as we got on the school bus for the first time.

For the Dads that threw the ball around the back yard with us.

For the Dads that work hard all day and come home and still have energy to play.

For the Dads that strapped us into our first backpack and headed down the trail, only to turn around 10 minutes later because we were tired.

For the Dads who change diapers.

For the Dads that helped us reel in that big fish, or spot that big buck.

For the Dads that make lasting memories and support our endeavors no matter what.

For the Dads who braid hair.

For the Dads who push us to be the best person we can be. 

For the Dads who go to every dance recital, soccer game, choir concert, parent-teacher conference, and graduation ceremony.

For the Dads who put on bandaids and kiss boo boos good bye.

For the Dads who drive us to every practice, game, or school play rehearsal.

For the Dads who protect and serve our country.

For the Dads who love us just for who we are.

Father's Day is for all the Dads out there.  

So take a moment this Sunday and say thanks to your Dad for being just that, your Dad.

Happy Father's Day!