Easter is the very best holiday, ever. At least we think so, want to guess why?

Chocolate? No.

Jelly beans? No.

Bunnies? No, but they are really cute.

Because it's the ONLY holiday we get to play outside for hours. Hiding eggs. Finding eggs. Tossing eggs. Playing bocce...with eggs of course! How can you not love it, too?

The Egg Hunt is one tradition that cannot be missed. Parents & grandparents hiding eggs, until at last, the doors of freedom open & the kids run fanatically outside looking EVERYWHERE. Candy is to be had. Money is to be had. Everyone is smiling ear to ear.

This smiling happens all day long. Whether you're singing in praise, rolling down grassy hills (safely!), or eating a phenomenal spinach & egg frittata brunch, you're surrounded with your favorite people for fun, smiles, and sunshine (hopefully).

This weekend we're having an egg hunt of our own. Backpacking 9 miles in to go snowy camping by a phenomenal PNW hot springs. It wouldn't be Easter without a snowy egg hunt, only our eggs will be with candy, Tenacious Tape, Seam Grip, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets, even GEAR AID geocoins. It'll be an Easter Adventure to remember!

Enjoy Easter Sunday. Go outside, we'd love to hear your plans!