December is a magical time filled with celebration, traditions and cheer. We love it because in the PNW, Mother Nature shows us what she's really capable of. For the most part it's fun to watch; somedays it's totally entertianing and impossible not to share, like watching a Mr. Bean classic. Some of the wonders we see:

sunshine so bright it could (and should) wake hibernating bears.

sporatic rain storms that try to flood our parking lot.

gail force winds that ensure all leaves, and even pine needles, are removed from trees.

"freezing rain." (aka hail bombs that even dogs are afraid of)

This morning, we had the pleasure of seeing raindrops hanging from tree branches. Remember, it rains all the time in the PNW, but for some reason we don't see these magical tree ornaments until December.

We figure it's Mother Nature's way of celebrating traditions and spreading cheer right there with us.

Wishing you a magical December!