To help celebrate North Cascades Institute's 25th anniversary of its Mountain School program, we've introduced a series of Tenacious Tape Tattoos, specifically for kids. These unique patches are unlike any other stickers for kids. Instead, they utilize our highly agressive adhesive that stays put on gear and fabrics even with multiple washes. They also feature a heavy-duty nylon fabric that won't tear or fail. 

Tenacious Tape Tattoos kid stickers can be used to repair tears or holes in fabrics or gear; or you can use them to personalize equipment and clothing. The Tenacious Tape Tattoos Kids Pack features stickers designed exclusively for kids, including dinosaurs, monsters, butterflies, goats, hearts, stars and more. They make it fun to personalize gear and provide a stylish repair for rips, tears or holes in kids clothes.

Its our hope that these unique stickers for kids will encourage them to get outside and explore nature, like our friends at NCI have been doing for over 25 years!


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