According to moms on Facebook, today is the first day of school. Countless pics are showing up in our newsfeeds of kids ages 5 -10, some smiling, others nervous, some wearing backpacks, others just chillin' by the front door. Regardless of the before picture, one thing will happen with ALL of these children - post-school stories! Parents everywhere will learn about teachers, classmates, crafts, cafeteria lunch schedule, basically all things KEY for the next nine months of your child's happiness. To this, we say get ready to listen to the stories...outside! Here's four #newtraditions for after the first day of school:

1) Bring a bobber and a worm down to the local stream. #excusetofish

2) Get your favorite fixins to make s'mores in the backyard after dinner. #dontforgetnutella

3) Grab the paddles and launch the kayak/canoe at your favorite spot. #paddletillsunset

4) Drive to a nearby hiking trail for a surprise footrace; beware, five year olds can run FAST. #localtrailfootrace


What's your tradition?!