Gary Lewis, host of the Frontier Unlimited hunting and fishing TV show and  award-winning newspaper columnist for The Bend Bulletin, recently tried his hand at Realtree's newest duck hunting camo pattern, MAX-5.  Here's what he had to say...

Corn, wheat, oats and sunflowers. Think duck groceries. Branches, twigs and leaves. Think escape cover.

Realtree's new MAX-5 camo has all of that, plus what I look for in camo, open areas that mimic the muck, the tree bark, the waters and the shadows that are prevalent wherever we hunt waterfowl.

I like patterns that don't go dark when viewed from far away, but rather break up the human figure by blending larger elements. That's why I like this new pattern which will play wherever I find myself hunting ducks this season from the Willamette Valley to the prairie ditches of South Dakota.

Realtree has made this one available in a lot of different applications. One of my favorite products is Camo Form, now available in MAX-5.

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