Our CEO, Travis Huisman recently joined Gary Lewis, host of the Frontier Unlimited hunting and fishing TV show, on a fishing trip down the Skagit River. Gary and Travis started their trip near Sedro-Woolley with the goal of limiting out on the most silver pink salmon they could find before hitting the railroad trestle.

With the goal of catching pink salmon, Gary and Travis set their focus on pink lures and baits. There were still a few remaining silvers, so they made sure to start with sparse streamers in pink. According to Gary, "the trick is to run the fly or jig, spinner or spoon close to the bottom. Dead-drift it or twitch it or cast and retrieve. There's a speed and a cadence that will get them to strike, but it changes every day."

Travis and Gary hooked into a couple of four to six pound pinks that had faded to spawning colors. Pink Salmon are great to eat when fresh, bright and silvery. However, after a few days in freshwater, they quickly fade, the males get big humps on their backs and the meat becomes less desirable. Suffice to say, they were realesed after a quick battle.

With 6.78 million pink salmon forecasted for this year's Puget Sound runs, they were pretty confident they'd get the trophy they came looking for. Unfortunately, the guys ended up turning all of them back to make new pink salmon.

It's going to take lots of rain to bring our rivers up to the waterline again, but as the fall rains come on, the salmon fishing is going to improve. Forecasts are looking up. Rain is projected, so get your rain gear prepped with ReviveX waterproofing! The only down-side, the run is almost over. Of course you can't win them all. I guess that's why they call it fishing. Mark your calendar for August 2017. The odds are pretty good. 

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