Today we finished a custom printing job on our Outgo Microfiber Towel with Save Our Leatherbacks Organization (SOLO), a 501(c)3 that focuses on restoring the endangered leatherback sea turtle species. We were honored to contribute three dozen travel towels to the organization so they could build their brand with international divers. A couple reasons leatherbacks are so amazingly special:

- They are the only turtle with a soft shell making them excellent divers. 

- They are the only living species of the family Dermochelyidae.

- They have the widest migration habits of marine animals, including whales.

If you want to learn more about leatherbacks, read on and visit SOLO to donate or volunteer.

Are leatherbacks sea turtles?

Yes, they are a species of the sea turtle, aka marine turtle, and the only remaining Dermochelyidae species family member. Their shell is unique in the turtle community because it is soft to the touch, but still protective and resilient in nature. This softer shell allows them be to great divers; unlike hard shell sea turtles, they can expand their lungs and dive over 1000 meters, deeper than any other sea turtle.

How big do they get?

They hatch tiny like most sea turtles, fitting into the palm of your hand and weighing a mere 46kg, then grow to be 6-7ft long and 550-1,500lbs. They are the largest of all sea turtles, and the fourth largest reptile (behind three crocs).

Do they use leather from the shell for leather goods, etc...?

Unfortunately yes, but they are more protected today than ever before. Organizations like SOLO - Save Our Leatherbacks Operations - are contributing their time and energy to restore a positive hatch rate and get leatherback sea turtles off the critically endargered list

Thank you to all the people who protect our oceans and the marine life.


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