Day 1, January 14, 2014: First day of the show was a huge success. It was our first year combining booths. For the past decade, we’ve had two booths, our hunting and recreation booth downstairs and our military/tactical booth upstairs.

Now that we’ve aligned our hunting and tactical products under the “McNett® Tactical” brand and improved the brand image and packaging, we felt this year would be the perfect time to introduce our new look and packaging as one solid family.

Reception was fantastic! The new brand image and packaging was well-received by everyone in attendance. “Cool.” “Badass.” “Clean.” “Awesome.” Just some of the words used to describe the new McNett Tactical branding, packaging and booth.

We had a tremendous amount of booth traffic and conversation was constant. One unified 10 X 40 booth was the truly the ticket. The volume of traffic kept us on our feet and engaged all day. The show did not disappoint!

With so much action and excitement on day 1, no one had an opportunity to walk the show and see what else was going on. By the time we closed-up shop and made it back to our hotel rooms, the day was pretty exhausted. Back up at 6am to do it all over again the next day!

Day 2, January 15, 2014: Another beautiful day in Las Vegas. Booth traffic remained steady, but I finally got a chance to walk the show later in the afternoon. SHOT Show is an amazing experience. Everything from 24-Carat Gold Tommy Guns to pimped-out MRAPs were on display.

Kryptek camouflage patterns and products were all the rage and our new Kryptek Highlander Camo Form pattern was a huge hit.

Back at the booth, we were busy talking up our new products including Black Aquaseal® and Black Freesole®. We cut a boot in half and re-glued it with Freesole. We challenged people to rip the boot back apart. No one could do it. It’s always a good laugh watching the biggest and baddest struggle to find a weakness in the adhesive. That’s how solid the adhesives are, they won’t come loose!

The day closed with our annual McNett Sushi Challenge. Tag still holds the record at 75 pieces. Let’s just say, it was a tough walk back to the hotel room!

Day 3, January 16, 2014: Our friends Jim Thurber and Jack Hoffman stopped by the booth. They’re big supporters of our Hunting with Heroes program and stopped by to see all the action. Gary Lewis from Gary Lewis Outdoors was also in attendance to help support and promote Hunting with Heroes. With so many celebrities in attendance, keeping focus was difficult with all the camera flashes going!

Today was also a great opportunity to finally turn some names into faces. It was great to meet with Bill Thomas of Operation Hawkeye ( We’ve been a proud supporter for quite some time and helped with the Team 31 Raffle at SHOT Show, which benefits the causes and loved ones of the 31 Americans who died in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2011 when Taliban forces shot down their Chinook helicopter, call-sign EXTORTION 17. We also met with many industry partners, new friends and old faces.

The show started taming down a bit by Thursday afternoon. We closed up shop, grabbed some dinner and got ready for the last day of the show.

Day 4, January 17, 2014: Last day of the show. Lots of tired feet and home sick bodies, but traffic is pretty light by day 4. Half the staff made it home on the early flight and the other half got turned around due to fog (second year that has happened!). No big deal though. Just means one more night in Vegas for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill! All-in-all a great SHOT Show 2014.

Hope to see you there next year!