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Let's work together to get everyone to repair their gear.

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Renewed Gear. Renewed Adventure.

We believe in preserving the longevity of outdoor gear, outerwear, and footwear. Our goal is to educate people to repair instead of replacing, to purchase used whenever possible, and to extend the life of gear so it can stay out of the landfill.

Our philosophy begins with buying quality gear, taking care of it, and passing it along for future use.

We solve gear problems

We focus on solutions to care for and maintain outdoor gear, instead of purchasing something new. We make products that will be used frequently and will stand up to years of use in tough conditions.

We care about outdoors

We are committed to lessen our impact on the environment, by eliminating harmful components from our products and by being more efficient with the energy and natural resources that we consume.

We renew adventures

We find meaningful ways to make your experiences in the outdoors more joyful and memorable. We take the same tenacious, curious, and resourceful approach to solving the problems that may arise during an adventure.

Include repair in your story

Gear is more than just the stuff you need on a weekend camping trip or a trek up the mountains. It’s the tent that can withstand the downpour you weren’t expecting, the down jacket that keeps you warm as you head into work when the temperatures dip, and the wetsuit that protects you when you’re diving into new depths in the ocean. As you hike up, climb down, or bike over on your adventures, gear is bound to get beat up along the way. Rather than going back to the store to replace it, fix gear with your own hands.


Join us in celebrating this earth we love so much by reducing our impact through gear care and maintenance. Let’s do our part to leave our outdoors spaces as good as we found it, so future generations can continue to enjoy adventures outside.

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Recommended OEM Products

Our line of care and maintenance products are used by industry leaders in gear manufacturing and warranty repair departments. From sealants to lubricants and repair tape, we have the right product assortment to solve virtually any gear problem.


Seam Grip


Tenacious Tape

Wash & Restore

Keep your gear performing just as well as it did on day one. Our line of Revivex cleaners, conditioners, and protectants can restore your gear, make it last longer, and help you be more comfortable in whatever kind of outdoor activity you do—from hiking, fishing, kayaking, or even just walking from your car to your office.  

Use Revivex to Fix:

Jackets & Pants

Jackets & Pants

Boots & Shoes

Boots & Shoes

Kayaks & Paddle Gear

Kayaks & Paddle Gear

Tents & Tarps

Tents & Tarps

Wetsuits & Drysuits

Wetsuits & Drysuits

Patch Mishaps

Tears and rips can happen—especially when you’re active. Tenacious Tape, our line of repair tapes and patches, are ready for nearly any kind of slash, cut, crack, or break in your nylon, silnylon, polyester, neoprene, vinyl, rubber and GORE-TEX® fabric gear. Choose from peel-and-stick or iron-on options that are both washable and weatherproof for extreme durability.

Use Tenacious Tape to Fix:

Tents & Tarps

Tents & Tarps





Jackets & Ski Pants

Jackets & Ski Pants



Brands We Work With

By educating and collaborating with brands that manufacture outdoor gear, we promote the importance of championing renewal and help raise consumer awareness of repair and maintenance in our everyday lives. Here are some of the brands we partner with that support our belief that gear maintenance leads to knowledge and confidence – no matter what type of adventure you’re into.

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Get a Hold of Us

We are recognized by outdoor industry professionals as the leader in care and repair. Aligning your brand with our products supports a more sustainable business. If you or your organization are interested in partnering with GEAR AID, please fill out the form below with your information and we will respond to your inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find what I need on your website. Is this all you offer?

In many cases, it is best to utilize our regularly stocked options and finished products we can provide to you in retail-ready GEAR AID packaging. Please contact us at salesorders@gearaid.com to discuss your ideas and custom product needs.

Can I purchase your product for use as an inclusionary item?

Yes, depending on the product desired, configuration, and our agreement.

Are all of your products available in bulk?

No. Some of our products are produced and finished only in retail ready GEAR AID branded packaging.

What are your minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

• Bulk product: Master case quantities (vary depending on products) 

• All others: Contact salesorders@gearaid.com for more information.

Can I get samples of the products I am interested in?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with the samples you may need. Please contact your account manager or submit a request at salesorders@gearaid.com. Not all requests can be fulfilled, but we will do our best to provide as much detail and materials for your development needs.

Can I cobrand or private label your product with my branding and/or packaging to resell?

In some cases, we will partner with brands and develop unique cobranded packaging. Total private label development may also be an option depending on the product desired and the industry it is being sold into. We have a limited amount of products that are offered as a cobrand / private label. New private label orders require a 50% down payment prior to production. Please contact us at salesorders@gearaid.com for more information.

Do you provide custom sizes?

Yes, we can. Any customization outside of our standard production SKUs or inventoried components will require a full product development process specific to our capabilities and your needs. We work with many domestic and global suppliers that can help to achieve your goals.

Can you assist with packaging design?

We are available to assist with most design projects and can provide direction with content, instructions, and art layout.  Design and development services may be subject to an additional hourly art fee.

Do you have an in-house design department?

Yes, our design department is on staff at our headquarters in Bellingham, WA. Contact your account manager for more information and pricing.

Do you provide use instructions?

All GEAR AID products come with standard use instructions. We can work with you to tailor fit instructions, so your product needs and specifications are being met. Regulatory and warning statements are non-negotiable and are essential packaging requirements.

Are your products in compliance with REACH / Prop65?

All our products that require Prop 65 warnings are properly packaged and labeled with the current www.p65warnings.ca.gov information. Many of our products are REACH compliant, packaged and labeled for sales in NorthAmerica. Our GEAR AID products can be available with EU country language translations and regulatory requirements for retail sales within the EU. Please inquire for more details with your GEAR AID account manager.

Do you have certain quality standards?

Yes, our products are built to meet specific standards of formulation and performance.  Our Project Management team reviews each product and design to ensure that those specifications are met.

What are typical lead times?

Each product we offer has different availability and shipping requirements. To find out when you can expect to receive your order, contact us at salesorders@gearaid.com. The following are some standard lead-times we work hard to fulfill:

• 3 days: Bulk product within North America in master case quantities. 

• 2 weeks: International shipments.• 10-12 weeks: Co-brand / private label from approval of design.

* Receipt times will depend on shipping arrangements andFOB (free on board) location.

Will you warehouse my inventory or have a stocking program?

Our warehouse is not directly set up to inventory and ship customer product. Our OEM production and finished goods are required to betaken in full at the time of completion and invoicing. If warehouse/stocking services are needed please inquire with your account manager as some special cases may apply.  

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our headquarters in Bellingham, WA, USA.

Can you ship directly to my manufacturing factory?

Yes, the majority of our products are available FOB from Bellingham, WA.

Do any of your products have import or shipping restrictions?

Yes. Our team is able to assist with necessary documentation for your process of importation. 

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Any products shipped outside the USA is the sole responsibility of the customer for any and all duties and/or customs fees and regulatory requirements. For more information on our overseas shipping capabilities, please contact us at salesorders@gearaid.com.

Is freight included in my orders?

All orders placed with GEAR AID can be shipped using our freight coordinator or one of your preferred carriers. All freight charges will be billed as a separate item on the invoice.

How do I get pricing information?

Pricing for all products and services are available through your account manager at salesorders@gearaid.com

What form of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmericanExpress. GEAR AID is able to offer NET 30 days payment terms with prior approval. Contact us at salesorders@gearaid.com to learn about our payment terms and for a NET 30 credit application. New private label orders require a 50% down payment with the balance being due at the time the finished goods are ready to ship or based on your payment terms.

How else can we help you?

Send your questions to salesorders@gearaid.com. 

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