Cotol-240™ makes GEAR AID urethane adhesives including Seam Grip®, Aquaseal®, and Freesole®, dry faster and it preps slick surfaces for better bonding. The solvent ...

Use Aquaseal when superior flexibility is necessary (i.e., wet suit repair), Seam Grip for superior waterproofing (i.e., seam sealing outerwear and tents) and Freesole...

If you have a tent, tarp or pack made from silicone-coated fabric or “silnylon” material (fabric that has been infused with silicone) the only thing that will bond to ...

Which Tape Should I Use?

Tenacious Tape is an ultra-strong repair tape useful for making quick, peel and stick repairs to nearly any piece of outdoor gear. It comes in different forms. Which type should you use?
Kick Your Shoe Odor Out For Good

Avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable situations by removing the stench out of your footwear and outdoor gear through the use of quality products that prevent and eliminate odor like ReviveX and Mirazyme.

UV Tech protects and rejuvenates surfaces, reducing cracking, helping to block sun damage and restoring your boat’s original good looks.
How to Replace a Zipper Slider

The Zipper Repair Kit by Gear Aid® offers an assortment of zipper sliders and top stops as well as a sewing kit and seam ripper to help with replacing worn zipper sliders.
How to Repair Dive Gloves

Sven Middelkoop, scuba diving instructor in The Netherlands, offers some great tips for repairing dive gloves. Sven spends his time in the cold waters of The Netherlan...

To ensure the optimal performance of your GORE-TEX® or waterproof breathable garment, it is essential that you clean the fabric regularly. Dirt, smoke, body oils and other residues can clog waterproof breathable pores and inhibit breathability.
How Ducks See Hunters

Why is camouflage important when duck hunting? Gary Lewis from Gary Lewis Outdoors ( provides a glimpse into how ducks see hunters. When a hu...

How to use Aquaseal Wader Repair Kit by GEAR AID to make quick, in-field repairs to waders, wetsuits, drysuits and more.

Body oils, sweat and dirt can affect loft and sleeping bag performance. Most manufacturers recommend washing your sleeping bag after 20 nights use.