Revivex Leather Water Repellent

Revivex Leather Water Repellent is a 2-in-1 formula that conditions and waterproofs leather boots. It restores shine, repels water and prevents staining, while being safe to use on breathable fabrics like GORE-TEX. Keep your boots looking good and feet dry with this concentrated, all-season solution. One 4 oz bottle can treat multiple pairs of boots.
Type: Protectants SKU: 36260
Item: Leather Water Repellent
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Revivex Leather Water Repellent is a leather conditioner and waterproofing gel in one. Over time, leather boots can dry and crack. Restore its looks and improve performance by applying this 2-in-1 formula regularly. The gel soaks into fabric to repel water and prevent staining all season long. This leather softener is also safe to use on breathable fabrics like GORE-TEX® lined footwear. For a simple solution to cracked leather and damp, cold feet, use Revivex Leather Water Repellent.

  • Protects & Conditions – Deep penetrating gel formula soaks into leather to protect it from moisture and restores its shine
  • Maximizes Breathability – Compatible with waterproof-breathable footwear by keeping feet dry and cool
  • Concentrated – Treat multiple pairs of boots with just a single 4 fl oz bottle; a few drops will cover a whole shoe
  • All-Season – Repel water and keep leather boots looking good for months after each treatment
  • Multipurpose – Safely add water repellency to all types of full-grain leather and GORE-TEX footwear


  • Size: 4 fl oz
  • For Use On: full-grain leather and GORE-TEX lined leather boots
  • Application: rub-in
  • Air Dry: yes
  • Water Protection: yes
  • Stain Protection: yes
  • Conditions: yes
  • Made in USA