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Imagine you’re gearing up for a day outside — maybe you're heading out for a relaxed weekend car camping, setting off on a rugged backpacking trip, or gearing up for your favorite watersport. Just like you wouldn’t leave home without your wallet and keys (your Every Day Carry or EDC), you can't just grab any old gear for these activities. You need what’s called Every Trip Carry (ETC) — specialized gear that’s functional, reliable, and fits seamlessly into your adventure.

Let’s explore the concept of ETC. We’ll focus on three popular outdoor activities—Car Camping, Backpacking, and Watersports — and show how GEAR AID’s suggested bundles can make your next outdoor experience even better. So grab your notepad, and let’s talk about ETC so we can ensure your gear is as ready as you are for whatever the day throws at you.

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The Philosophy Behind ETC

Let’s delve into the core philosophy of ETC. When you’re out in the wilderness, your gear isn’t just about convenience — it can be your lifeline. ETC is about carefully selecting gear tailored to your adventure, ensuring it’s portable, functional, and reliable. Imagine gear that’s like your dependable companion, ready to tackle any challenge nature throws your way. The best gear not only serves a purpose but does so with style. It should seamlessly integrate into your adventure and enhance your experience without adding unnecessary bulk.

At GEAR AID, we live and breathe this philosophy. We want to provide you with the best tools for the job. You can trust that our equipment is not just reliable, but engineered to elevate your outdoor experience.

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Our Favorite ETC Bundles

Watersports Bundle

This ETC bundle provides essential equipment and accessories to enhance your experience in or on the water. From exploring vibrant underwater ecosystems, tackling adrenaline-pumping rapids, or enjoying serene moments on calm waters. These tools mean you can focus on the journey, knowing you're fully prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

- The Akua River Knife can be critical in emergencies, designed to cut through heavy materials like rope or nets.
- Aquaseal FD Repair Kit is indispensable for immediate repairs on wet suits or waterproof gear.
- Anti-Fog Spray keeps your goggles and lenses clear, ensuring good visibility in all conditions.
- The Microfiber Towel is useful for drying off quickly and comes in different sizes to suit your needs.

Car Camping Bundle

Car camping offers the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and modern comfort, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life without sacrificing convenience. Whether you're pitching your tent in a scenic campground or parking up at a remote lakeside spot, this ETC bundle provides the tools you’ll want for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

- The Balta Camp Hatchet is a versatile tool perfect for chopping wood and pounding in tent stakes.
- Holdfast Straps secure your gear in your vehicle and keep everything organized at camp.
- Tenacious Tape Rolls provide a strong fix to any rips large or small in tents or gear, crucial for extending the life of your equipment.
- Our Large Heroclip offers a handy way to hang lights, packs, and bigger items, freeing up valuable ground space at your site.

Backpacking Bundle

When you're hitting the trails for a backpacking adventure, every ounce matters. Our Backpacking Bundle is designed for those who crave the challenge of exploring remote wilderness areas on foot. From essential tools to emergency repair kits, our Backpacking Bundle won’t weigh you down.

- The Buri Utility Knife is light yet robust, ideal for emergencies or routine tasks.
- Tenacious Tape Patches and a compact Sewing Kit are essential for on-the-go repairs, preserving the functionality of your gear when you're miles from civilization. You can even slide the patches into the Sewing Kit to save more room.
- The Mini Heroclip can keep gravity water filters up, and wet clothes off the ground to dry.

Having the right gear can make all the difference in your outdoor adventures. At GEAR AID, equipping you with the right gear for the outdoors is just one piece of the puzzle. Most importantly, we’re here to help you keep your gear in action for as long as possible. Each patch and repair tells a story, and we believe that by caring for your things, you're not only preserving memories but also helping keep your gear out of the landfill. We hope this blog helps make your next outdoor experience even radder.

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