Reflective Night Trail Running

Do you prefer to go for a run before dusk or after dawn? Do you unwind from a busy day with a few laps around the block? Don’t let the dark streets keep you from hitting the pavement. With GEAR AID Reflective Tenacious Tape it’s safer to run after dark.

Reflective Tenacious Tape is a high-performance fabric tape using glass-bead technology, and maximum-strength adhesive to instantly add visibility. You can cut it to any shape or size and apply it to your running shoes, pack, jacket, hat, or even your water belt. The tape can be washed and dried, but should not be applied to stretchy materials.


Reflective Running

How to apply on running gear

  1. Clean the application area with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or body oils.
  2. Cut out your desired shape and round the corners.
  3. Apply the tape and smooth out any bubbles. Once applied, reinforce with finger pressure.
  4. Smooth out any bubbles and ensure the edges lay flat. The adhesive will reach full strength after 24 hours.

So get out there you early birds and night owls! With GEAR AID Reflective Tenacious Tape you can clock in more mileage even in the twilight or early morning hours.


“If you need to be seen at night then look no farther, this tape is the answer.”


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