How to Go Beach Backpacking

Beach backpacking is great because you can camp anywhere, right? Not quite. There are some important things you'll want to keep in mind.
7 Awesome Camping Recipes

There’s no disputing that summer’s long days are best spent hiking and camping in America’s great outdoors. But when the day wanes and the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to build up the campfire and settle in.
7 Tips for Camping with Kids

Here are seven tips to ensure that your family camping trip runs smoothly, leaving everyone in with a big smile and hatching plans for your next adventure.
How to Replace a Zipper Slider

The Zipper Repair Kit by GEAR AID offers an assortment of zipper sliders and top stops as well as a sewing kit and seam ripper to help with replacing worn zipper sliders.
How to Wash a Sleeping Bag

Body oils, sweat and dirt can affect loft and sleeping bag performance. Most manufacturers recommend washing your sleeping bag after 20 nights use.
Camping Tips

Here are a few of our favorite camping tips Firestarting Tip One of the easiest campfires to build and maintain, the “lean-to” fire is a simple pyramid-shaped lean-to ...


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