You’ve hiked all day long and you get to your camp spot. It’s as dusty as the open plains.  You set up camp amidst the dust storm and then the clouds open up. Your suddenly dusty campsite becomes a mud pit and your tent gets covered. We all know that dirt interferes with waterproofing, and a wet muddy tent won’t keep you dry on your next trip. After a particularly dirty trip, it’s important to clean your tent.

You’ll need some Revivex Pro Cleaner, and a large tote or bathtub. Fill the tote with enough warm water to cover the tent. Open up all the zippers so that the inside of your tent gets clean as well. Add 1 oz. (5 capfuls) of Revivex Pro Cleaner and gently use your hands to agitate the fabric. Be careful that you don’t leave your tent in the water for too long (no more than 5 minutes) as prolonged exposure to water can cause Polyurethane coatings to lose effectiveness and break down.

Once you have agitated the tent, remove it and rinse it until the water runs clean and suds free. Then hang your tent up to dry. To remove tent odors, you’ll need to give it a Revivex Odor Eliminator bath. When your tent dries be sure to check for any holes, rips, or deteriorating seam tape. This is the perfect time to repair and waterproof your tent.

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