Remember those iron-on patches mom used to put on ripped knees? You know the ones; they always peeled off after a few days. Our friend Philip Werner from certainly does. Luckily, for Philip and the rest of us, nowadays there's a more simple and effective solution for patching pants: Tenacious Tape by GEAR AID.

Tenacious Tape makes instant repairs to rips, tears or holes in fabrics. Use it on pants, jackets, backpacks, you name it. About 6 months ago, Philip repaired a pair of his favorite hiking pants. Half a year later and after multiple washes, the repair is still intact. Learn some of his favorite techniques for applying the repair tape.

For those of you looking for something a bit more stylish, we also offer Tenacious Tape Gear Patches, which feature unique shapes and themes, so you can customize gear and fabrics, hide stains or make fun repairs to your most cherished belongings.

When you need a simple and effective solution for making repairs to clothing and gear, only one repair tape will do!

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