No matter what gets your adventurous heart pumping—biking through the busy city, cross-country skiing in the crisp winter air, or hiking in a picturesque national park—waterproof, breathable gear like GORE-TEX® jackets, ski pants, bibs, and gloves can serve you well whatever the weather brings.

Ever wonder how waterproof gear actually works and keeps you dry? Products like eVent, NeoShell® and GORE-TEX outerwear have a protective durable water repellent (DWR) coating applied to the outside, so water will roll off instead of soak in. It keeps your clothing underneath bone dry even when you’re outside during a rainy or snowy day.

Wetted our vs. DWR treated garment. 

Performance Restored

Since these technical fabrics have a special protective coating, you can’t wash it in any old laundry soap when it gets dirty or smelly. In order to keep it performing at its best, you need to learn how to clean it properly.

With a little know-how and the right products like Revivex® cleaners and protectants, caring for your GORE-TEX jackets, ski pants, gloves, and rain gear couldn’t be simpler. 

Want to learn how to wash, waterproof, and even repair your waterproof products like a pro? Here’s how to handle this type of gear correctly and keep those technical fabrics working for years to come.


Unless your GORE-TEX gear is really dirty or has stains, it’s not often that we think about washing it—but this is a big misstep. Why? Because dirt, body oil, smoke, and other residue can clog waterproof breathable “pores” and inhibit breathability. Regularly washing your water repellent jackets, bibs, and ski pants will keep debris off the synthetic gear and keep it high performing in all your outdoor adventures. 

However, you can’t put your waterproof gear in the wash with regular laundry detergent because they contain heavy suds, optical brighteners, and fabric softeners that leave behind residue and strip away that protective DWR coating.

Estimated Time: 30-50 minutes depending on washing machine.

Here’s how to wash your technical outerwear with Revivex Pro Cleaner:

  1. First, reference manufacture care tag.
  2. To pre-treat stains, gently scrub Pro Cleaner directly onto the spot with a brush. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Close all tabs, Velcro, and zippers on your garment(s).
  4. Select Quick Wash or the delicate/gentle cycle and cold water.
  5. Add 0.5 fl oz (1 capful) of Pro Cleaner per garment to the cycle. If using a top loader, double the dosage.
  6. Press start.
  7. Completely dry your garment per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pro Tip: To save you time and avoid wasting water, add Revivex Pro Cleaner and Wash-In Water Repellent to the same laundry cycle. See the steps below in the WATERPROOF section to learn more.


When your factory DWR coating wears off, it may start to show signs of “wetting out” or becoming less water repellent. To make sure your DWR repels water once again, you’ll need about an hour (or about 48 hours if air drying), a gentle cleaner and a water repellent.

Depending on old your waterproof gear is or how often you use it, your reproofing treatment will vary, so check with the manufacturer if you have questions.

Estimated Time: 1 hour to wash and 1 hour to machine dry.

Wash-In Reproofing Steps

If you clean and treat multiple garments at once (or if you reproof non-insulated garments), you can restore DWR with a concentrated wash-in water repellent. Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent is our fluorocarbon-free formula is ideal for hard-shells, soft-shells and fleece. You can either choose to soak your items or use a washing machine with it.

To machine wash:

  1. Select the delicate cycle with warm water.
  2. Add 0.5 fl oz of Revivex Pro Cleaner per garment to the main dispenser and 1 fl oz Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent per garment to the fabric softener dispenser or in the final rinse.
  3. Check garment care instructions before drying.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, tumble dry for 45-60 minutes on medium heat until dry.

To do the soaking method:

  1. Pre-wash your garment(s) with Revivex Pro Cleaner.
  2. Add 1 fl oz of Revivex Wash-in Water Repellent per garment to warm water.
  3. Submerge your item and soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Once you’ve applied the water repellent, do not rinse.
  5. Check garment care instructions before drying. For maximum effectiveness, tumble dry for 45-60 minutes on medium heat until dry.

Spray-On Reproofing Steps

Our Revivex Durable is a water repellent spray that helps restore DWR on GORE-TEX fabrics as well as other waterproof, breathable fabrics like eVent and NeoShell. It is our most durable, longest-lasting formula that can be used on all types of outerwear and outdoor gear. Here’s how to best use the spray to restore repellency to rainwear, gloves, jackets, coats, pants, ski wear, and other outerwear:

  1. Pre-wash your garment(s) with Revivex Pro Cleaner.
  2. Place your wet garment(s) on a hanger and spray Revivex Durable Water Repellent about five to 10 inches from the garment in a well-ventilated area, applying liberally to areas like shoulders and cuffs that are more prone to wear and tear.
  3. Check garment care instructions before drying.
  4. Place the garment(s) in a dryer for 30-60 minutes on medium heat until dry, or air dry for about 48 hours.


Should your GORE-TEX jacket or other waterproof breathable gear get a hole or tear, there’s no need to take it to a shop to get it fixed or replace it. You can easily DIY a repair on a jacket, tent, raincoat, ski gear, pants, or gloves in minutes.

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

To patch your gear, here’s what you need to do to:

  1. Clean the damaged area and trim any loose threads. 
  2. Ensure the Tenacious Tape patch covers the hole or tear, with at least ¼ inch beyond the damaged area. 
  3. Peel and stick the Tenacious Tape patch to the outside of the item.
  4. If using the GORE-TEX fabric patch, apply heat using a hair dryer on medium setting.

Your repair will be flexible, washable, and won’t peel off over time—giving your old gear new life for plenty of skiing, hiking, running, and biking ahead.  


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